Equipment All Risks Insurance
Equipment All Risks Insurance

Equipment All Risks Insurance

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The Equipment All Risks policy covers loss of or damage to the mobile equipment, its accessories and spare parts such as photocopiers, office partitions, generators, forklifts, warehousing systems, production plants, excavators, tower cranes etc. against accidental lost of or damage whilst in the situation of risks from any cause other than those specifically excluded under the policy whilst attached thereon as a result of:

  • Accidental collision or overturning
  • Fire, external explosion, self-ignition or lightning
  • Theft

Eligible Proposer

Any person or business organisation that requires coverage for all mechanical, self-propelled vehicles / equipment which are not licensed for use on public roads, such as cranes, tractors, forklifts, bulldozer, etc.


At an additional premium, the policy can be extended to cover against loss or damage caused by:

  • Strike, riot and civil commotion

Some of the common exclusions are listed below :

  • The deductibles mentioned in the Schedule to be borne by the Insured in respect of each of every claim.
  • Loss or damage arising from wear & tear, depreciation, gradual deterioration, rust, corrosion etc..
  • Breakage or scratching of glass or other substances of a brittle or fragile nature not due to fire or thieves.
  • War invasion act of foreign enemy hostilities or warlike operation (whether war be declared or not).
  • Civil war mutiny civil commotion assuming the proportions of or amounting to a popular rising military rising insurrection rebellion revolution military or usurped power.
  • Any consequence of strike or riot.
  • Waterborne Risks.

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Equipment All Risks Insurance