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We are proudly welcoming you to our site, for all clients and partners who have met us before, we would like to say “it is very nice to meet you again here !



In this website you can feel free to explore more about us, who we are, what the activities we are doing, how well we can go to supply services benefit for you, how can we give you more added value you won’t (almost) received from any other company.



  1. DianMakmur Jaya Abadi is an Agents, Business and Management Consultants who focus the service activities to give solutions to clients in any kinds of necessities in related to Risks Management, Business and Development.



The basis of business culture is to give priority to client’s satisfaction by contributing best effort on knowledge and professionalism towards accomplishing corporate Vision and Goals.



Vision :


Where The Customer’s Satisfaction is the only Primary Target, to increase financial and non-financial productivity


Mission :


To become your qualified Business and Management Consultants for a mutual relationship by keeping the balance to the overall stage of business community, the clients, business partners and the corporate management.


We are feeling grateful to receive all the compliments of trustworthy and exclusive support from all clients and partners as our stimulants to grant you the same (even more) feedback to gain the overall objective goals.


The Family-Culture as a principle of this company, to treat Management and Staff as being the part of Asset of the company, the equal treatment to a responsible-democracy, as we believe can produce a qualified services you may not forget.


We would do not just for good, but also in the right way, not just for your life and asset protection, but also your legal protection in the existence of the Industry you are, getting involved..


So, Welcome and just feel like at your own home.

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DMJA – Qualified Experienced Team


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