Our Services



Being different and Going the extra mile ! as our core philosophy in the excellence state of the art in the clients servicing in achieving corporate vision and mission to give solutions to any parties involved in the projects.

The Variety of Services among the availability granted, As Management& Business Consultants, we do :


  • Risks Analysis on overall Business Profile i.e. Financial & Taxation Matters, HR Matters, Admin & GA Matters, BDV & Marketing Concept
  • Audit for all related matters to problems
  • Review the regulation from the government, including all law / legal literature
  • Forecast the specific possibility development for the future
  • Suggest Recommendations to be implemented
  • Escorting the clients if needed
  • Advisory Services for all matters related to business development


While, For Risks and Insurance Matters, An Integrated clients servicing to clients’ heart contents, comprises into phases starting from :


  • consulting your risks profile and insurance needs,
  • guiding clients insurance policies you need to have and you don’t need to have based on your premium budget
  • giving advices on loss prevention you may need to apply in relating to self-insure your risks do not covered by the insurance policies
  • the best way to have a widest coverage in your insurance policies at a reasonable low-cost
  • providing any advices and literature you may need to understand your insurance policies well and advance your know-how on insurance market updates
  • totally accompanying you when claims happened, and give truly best & right support in the claims process
  • using our best insurance technical skills in negotiating claims settlement to reach a fair claim payment and urge the claim payment schedule
  • granting you a qualified and satisfaction after sales services for any insurance matters including any alterations you need to make